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DIY Gingerbread Kit

Temporarily Out of Stock

DIY Gingerbread Kit

Temporarily Out of Stock

Just Dough it yourself!
A great activity for the kids or as a gift. Our DIY kit comes with
- vanilla/ gingerbread cookie dough 250g
- rolling pin
- mini cookie cutter
- icing
- sprinkles
- wax paper
- instructions
Yields 15-20 cookies

For every box you purchase, we will donate RM 5 to kids charity.


*Please indicate pickup DATE in notes (upon checkout).

*Indicate cookie dough flavour: vanilla or gingerbread

Pickup from Collins kitchen lab, Solaris mont Kiara. (17 jalan Solaris 4, Solaris mont Kiara)

Delivery: you can arrange your own Grab, goget, Lalamove. Able to transport by bike

For any further enquiries, WA 0127768005
Ingredients are halal


This product is currently not available. Please contact the seller for more information

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