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Rainbow Swiss Roll & Neopolitan Cookie

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Rainbow Swiss Roll & Neopolitan Cookie

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Join the Kek girls from Kek & co for this fun 3 hours class! This is perfect for beginners and especially to impress your fam bam this coming Raya!

Date: 21 March sat
Time: 10-1pm

Rainbow swiss rolls
This easy colourful Swiss roll has a light sponge and creamy filling. It will be the star of the show while entertaining!

You’ll learn hands on:
• Make cake batter from scratch
• How to create rainbow colours will batter
• How to bake and shape a swiss roll
• How to make the yummy filling
• Ideas and suggestions on filling options

Neopolitan cookies
Neopolitan cookies are butter cookies with a trio of chocolate, vanilla & strawberry flavour. This will be semi-demo and students will take home a jar of these yummy cookies!

You’ll learn how to make:
• Cookie dough from scratch
• Make 3 different flavours using just 1 dough recipe
• how to bake and store your cookies
• how to style your cookies

Students will take home their own creation of Rainbow swiss roll & jar of cookies. Boxes will be provided.

Fee RM350
This is non-refundable/transferable unless class is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. If you can’t make it, you can find a replacement student. All classes are suitable for ages 12 & above.


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