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French Desserts

Temporarily Out of Stock

French Desserts

Temporarily Out of Stock

Join Gulacakery in this fun class to learn their signature French desserts! Perfect for beginners

Date 15 August Saturday
Time 10-3pm
Venue Collins kitchen lab, solaris mont Kiara KL

These recipes are great for parties, dessert tables or just for your family. You'll be learning :

1. Honey Madeleines
2. Choux pastry with Vanilla bean custard
3. Creme brulee

Light lunch will be served. Students take home their bakes. All ingredients & tools provided

You'll be working hands on in groups. Students will take home a box of baked goods. Max 8 pax for social distancing SOP

No refund/ exchange. Substitute may be sent. In event class is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances a full refund will be given. Recipes only given to attendees during class.


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