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Peony Jelly Art Workshop (Bonus Class)


Peony Jelly Art Workshop (Bonus Class)


Join Nabilah from SugarCoaster to learn 3D Jelly art with lots of skill & tips to learn.

Peony & Koi Jelly Art Bonus workshop
Date: 26 November Saturday
Time : 10am-5pm
Venue: Collins kitchen lab kl

This is a hands on class, students will be guided to

🔖 Prepare the clear jelly canvas for 4 inch cake from scratch
(*5.5 inch base will be pre-made for class due to time)
🔖 Prepare the milk jelly
🔖 Prepare the flavour for the base
🔖 BONUS design: Koi & bubble technique
🔖 Create peonies design (full bloom, slanted)

Students will bring home

☑️ One 5.5 inch Jellycake & BONUS 4 inch jellycake.
☑️ FREE set of tools with syringe including peony tool
☑️ FREE 2 packets of jelly powder
☑️ FREE Signature Recipes
☑️ Light lunch included

Packaging will be provided. This is a non refundable event. Substitute may be sent. Participants are encouraged to self test 1-2 days before class.

Sop 2022
Wear mask during class at all times. Practice social distancing & hygiene during class

Max 8 pax per class




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