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Nyonya Kueh By Debbie Teoh 16 Sep

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Nyonya Kueh By Debbie Teoh 16 Sep

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Date 16 SEP Wed
Time 10-2.30pm
Hands on class for beginners

Join celebrity chef Debbie Teoh in a unique class to learn some heritage treasures in Peranakan cuisine.

You'll be making:

Kueh kochi is tinged with blue pea flower extract. This glutinous rice desert is wrapped with banana leaf filled with a grated coconut filling & toasted sesame seeds.
Learn how to wrap the different variations of kochi wrapping.

Kueh bengka Ambon is a very traditional Indonesian kueh/Cake. This honeycomb cake is super yummy and a delicacy due it's unique texture & flavour. You'll learn how to create those honeycomb textures that took Debbie 2 years to master!

Max 12 pax per class & students will work in small groups of 2-4 pax. Students will share to take home a bundle of home made Kueh.

Light snacks will be served.

No refund/ exchange. Substitute may be sent. In event class is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances a full refund will be given. Recipes only given to attendees during class.


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