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Mini Medovik

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Mini Medovik

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The Medovik Torte is made with layers upon layers of alternating delicious honey biscuits and a tangy whipped frosting. This eye-catching dessert is sure to impress, versatile and is a must-have in your baking repertoire!

Join us for a fun hands-on class where you will learn how to mix, roll, cut and bake these delicate biscuits and assemble them into this classic Russian centrepiece

Date: 19 February Sunday
Time: 10-1.30pm
Venue : Collins kitchen lab, Solaris mont Kiara KL

Student will learn :
- Hands on making biscuit dough from scratch
- technique to roll out, cut and bake dough
- make frosting from scratch
- assemble and decorate your own 6" medovik

Students take home their own bakes. Recipes, ingredients, tools & boxes will be provided. No lunch Inc, only snacks for tea time

SOP 2022
All students & teachers must submit negative RTK/home test kit result to admin 2 days before class. If student is unable to attend due to positive COVID test result, student can select next class date or 50% refund will be arranged.
Currently only fully vaccinated students & teachers are allowed


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