Collins Kitchen Lab

Keto Baking Demo Class


Keto Baking Demo Class


Date : 3 Oct 2020
Time : 10.00 am - 1.30pm
Venue : Collins kitchen lab
Fee : MYR250 per pax

Keto Baking Class with @asianketo

Passionate Keto and Lowcarb Lifestyle enthusiast, Kak Lina will be sharing 3 easy and delicious recipes. She will share tips and ingredients replacement in lowcarb recipes.

All recipes are Lowcarb, Sugar free, Wheat free and Keto Friendly. What you'll be learning:
1. Lowcarb Bread (@asianketo Bestseller)
2. Blueberry Scones
3. Pumpkin Kaya

Participants will enjoy the goodies baked in class and also receive Asian keto goodie bag for taking home!

This is a non refundable event




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