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AsianKeto Cook & Dine

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AsianKeto Cook & Dine

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Raya feasting is coming and Lina from @asianketo is going to show you some healthier options without losing the classic flavours we all love! Join her for a Hari Raya Cook & Dine session

Date : 12 April 2020
Time : 10-3pm (inc makan time)

Worth every calorie! Lina is going to show you some original creations you can cook at home. Here's what's on the menu:

1. Keto Rendang (Beef, Offal & Liver)
2. Caulirice Impit
3. Kuah Kacang (Nut Sauce) *peanut & cashew
All dishes will be Sugarfree, Glutenfree, Lowcarb & Keto friendly

This is a hands-on session to masak, then we makan together after! Students will cook in small groups. Lina has a passion for sharing her journey in keto, so stay back for the dining session to get to know her. Don't miss it!

This is a non refundable/exchangeable event. Unless class is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Registration closes 4 days before class


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