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French Desserts

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French Desserts

Temporarily Out of Stock

Bonjour! Let's get into some basic French Desserts with home baker, Marina. This menu is perfect if you're wanting to add simple classics to your cafe menu

Date 17 Sep Sat
Time 10-3pm
Venue Collins kitchen lab KL

In this beginner friendly & fully hands on workshop, you'll learn:

- To cook Choux pastry from scratch
- Learn the correct consistency to get the perfect choux
- learn to pipe 2 types of pastry with choux: classic Paris Brest & Classic Eclair
- Make hazelnut praline (Paris Brest)
- Make chocolate cream
- Make delicious signature pastry creme
- To make classic Vanilla Madeleine with correct techniques
- Learn to store pastries well

All tools, ingredients, packaging & light lunch will be provided.

This is a non refundable event. Students are encouraged to do a self test before class. Should class be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, class will be rescheduled.


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