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Cook & Dine Debbie Teoh

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Cook & Dine Debbie Teoh

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Join Debbie teoh in this Cook & Dine class where you'll cook with her and also sit down for a meal after class! It's a unique experience you don't want to miss!

Date 1 August Saturday
Time 10-2pm+

Mee nyonya melaka - this is known as "Mee belakang tok". The noodle is freshly cooked with prawns, fishcake, meat and served with a salad of pineapple & cucumber (kerabu Timon nenas). Sautéed with fermented yellow bean paste, this noodle is super yummy but it has to be served immediately. It’s not spicy hence little kids can eat them plain but adults can up their salads as it has Sambal belachan in it. So you will learn how to make Sambal belachan from scratch too in this dish!

Popiah goreng also known as “Popiah chi” in hokkien. You'll learn the Penang version of that's very luxurious as it has crab meat & prawns in the yam bean filling and served with a fresh chilly dip. And yes, you'll learn how to make that “chilly cuka” as well in class.

Fees include ingredients & dine in session. This is a non refundable/exchangeable event. Unless class is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

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