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Debbie Teoh Nyonya Kueh Chang Ayam


Debbie Teoh Nyonya Kueh Chang Ayam


Join Malaysian Chef Debbie Teoh in a special Merdeka day workshop & learn to make traditional Nyonya Kueh Chang Ayam! This is a detailed class where you'll learn to make everything from scratch & wrapping techniques. Don't miss it!

Date Wed 31 August Merdeka
Time 10am-3pm

This is an intense 4 step process workshop:

1. How to choose the leaves, boil & wash each leaf
2. How to soak the strings & which string to use
3. How to colour the glutinous rice
4. Learn to saute, chop & cube the filling (chicken, mushroom, winter melon etc)
5. Proper Wrapping techniques
6. Boil kueh chang
7. How to keep the chang & reheat

Students will work in small groups. You'll bring home your own Chang made in class & extra Chang Ayam filling. Light lunch will be served. Students are advised to bring their own containers & takeaway bags.

This is a non refundable event. You may send a replacement student. Students are highly encouraged to do RTK self test before class.




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