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Sourdough & Focaccia Art

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Sourdough & Focaccia Art

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Sourdough Class – Beginners level

Date: 13 August Saturday
Time: 10am-5pm
Venue : Collins kitchen lab, Solaris mont Kiara KL

Join Marina in this Beginners Sourdough workshop. She is a passionate mum & home baker who just loves baking!

Sourdough bread is an ancient way of bread making. It is made with natural levain. This bread is normally made using organic flour, to maintain it's purpose as a “healthy bread”. Marina's mum had faced bad indigestion problem and since introducing sourdough to her diet, she has improved.

There’s no commercial yeast, improver and softener, making it a healthier choice. It can be tricky but that’s the purpose of this class! You’ll learn the basics to have confidence to bake for your own family & friends. Best of all, no machine or bread maker needed!

Marina will share with you her tips on:
-How to make your own starter
Basics of sourdough
-The do’s & don’ts of sourdough
Moulding, autolysing, creating basic patterns
- make your own Focaccia Art!

Students will take home their own sourdough starter, FREE Benetton basket & their own bakes (Sourdough & Focaccia).

Kindly wear masks during class to comply with SOP.

Light lunch provided. This is a non refundable event. Substitute may be sent.

SOP 2022
All students & teachers are encouraged to self test 2 days before class. If student is unable to attend due to positive COVID test result, student can select next class date or 50% refund will be arranged.
Currently only fully vaccinated students & teachers are allowed


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