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Debbie Teoh Workshop

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Debbie Teoh Workshop

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Debbie Teoh workshop
Peach "png Kueh" & Onde Onde

Date 5 Nov Saturday
Time 10-230pm+
(Class duration depends on students progress)

Join Chef Debbie Teoh in this hands on class to learn authentic Nyonya heritage recipes. Chef Debbie is a member of MOMC (Masters of Malaysian Cuisine), has won numerous awards & hosted dinners in prestigious hotels around the world. Her kuehs are outstanding in quality & authenticity.

Teochew peach cake aka “png kueh” is a symbol of longevity. It is a savoury kueh filled with glutinous rice, dried prawns, shitake mushrooms & meat (halal chicken meat). With a soft & chewy like skin, this kueh is served during chinese new year & has become a rare Kueh these days. You'll learn how to make the filling from scratch & wrap the kueh yourself! Chef Debbie will also share how to upscale it when it is already stale a few days old ! Lots of tips & tricks !

Onde Onde is a much loved Malaysian kueh. Usually the ones we buy are wrapped with just grated palm sugar ! Chef Debbie will show you how she makes her signature "pop in your mouth" Onde using palm sugar syrup to wrap instead! It's a tricky technique but Chef Debbie will guide you step by step. You'll also learn how to make the onde onde casing from fresh pandan leaves.

Students will work in small groups & each will take home their own batch of kuehs made in class. Chef Debbie always prepares a scrumptious lunch for her students so you'll be in for a treat!

All tools & ingredients are provided. You may bring your own Tupperware to pack your kuehs. (Boxes will be provided if you didn't bring).

This is a non refundable event. Substitute may be sent if you can't attend. Participants are encouraged to self test before class & wear masks during class. Should class be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, a full refund will be given.


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