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Nyonya Kueh With Debbie Teoh

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Nyonya Kueh With Debbie Teoh

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Learn authentic Nyonya Kueh with celebrity Chef Debbie Teoh. It's fully hands on & fully worth it! This class is unique with a sweet & savoury recipe

Date 24 Oct Sat
Time 10-2pm
Venue : Collins kitchen lab, Solaris mont Kiara KL

1. Nyonya Kueh bongkong
A rare kueh to be found at kueh stalls nowadays. This old recipe is almost a "lost treasure" and is great served warm or chilled. The dough is wrapped in banana leaf with pure gula Melaka oozing out like lava!

2. Chai tau Kueh
Stir fried white raddish cake Known as “chai tau kueh” or "Char kueh kak".
You'll learn how to make the raddish cake from scratch & also how to stir fry it plain or make it lush by adding seafood. A real treat to make for family & friends.

This is a non refundable event. Photos are for illustration purposes. Students will work in small teams of 3-4 & take home a batch of kuehs.

Kindly follow SOP & wear masks during class

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