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Pandan Chiffon Workshop

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Pandan Chiffon Workshop

Temporarily Out of Stock

Chiffon cake is a light & airy cake that's both simple yet tricky to bake. Join @vilkadesignercakes for this Beginners class and learn how to get the perfect chiffon every time

Date: 19 Feb Sunday
Time: 10-1.30pm

This is a hands-on class where you’ll learn
• how to whip the perfect meringue
• prepping your chiffon pans
• proper baking and cooling
• unmoulding your chiffon by hand
• learn to flavour your cake naturally
Decorate your own 8 inch chiffon with cream

Students will take home their own chiffon. Tools, ingredients, cake box & Light snack provided.

This is non refundable event (unless cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances). You may send a replacement student if you're unable to attend.


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