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Puff Pastry : Beginners Class

Temporarily Out of Stock

Puff Pastry : Beginners Class

Temporarily Out of Stock

Making puff pastry at home can be intimidating. Join home baker @marinasulaimant for this Beginners class to learn how to make puff pastry from scratch!

You'll learn how to:
-make pastry dough by hand, without a mixer
- laminating pastries by hand without dough sheeter
- how to cook filling for mushroom tart
- how to shape your pastry for tart
- how to make peach strudel

In class you'll learn to make a delicious mushroom tart filling, using all basic ingredients, and delectable peach strudels.

This is a hands on class. Students will work individually & bring home their bakes (total 10pc).

This is a non refundable event unless class is cancelled due to any unforeseen circumstances. Replacement may be sent.

Strict SOP during class. Max 12 pax


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