Collins Kitchen Lab

Translucent Orkid

Temporarily Out of Stock

Translucent Orkid

Temporarily Out of Stock

Date: 11 oct Sunday
Time: 10-5pm
Venue : Collins kitchen lab, Solaris mont Kiara KL

* 5-6pm: Bonus session on Basic cake costing

A mini “masterclass” with Little Collins KL where students will learn different techniques to create a modern floral masterpiece of their own.

·      Demo on easy “no cook” swiss meringue buttercream
·      Demo on classic buttercake recipe
·      Torte tall cake
·      Learn how to get Sharp edge “pro” finish on buttercream cake
·      Palette knife buttercream textures
·      Translucent edible sail
·      Learn how to wire orchids for cake
·      Safely attach fresh florals on cake
·      Gold detailing

Bonus session (after class)
Basic guide to Cake costings. This is suitable for those wanting to start or run a small baking business. Optional session at the end of class for students approx. 40-60 minutes.

All tools, ingredients, lunch, snacks & notes provided for class use. This is a non refundable event. Substitute may be sent.

4 pax per class


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