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Kids Baking Workshop: Giant Pocky Sticks


Kids Baking Workshop: Giant Pocky Sticks


School holiday special
Homemade Pocky Sticks

This school holiday, join us for a fun filled baking workshop for kids age 8 and up!!

Date: Mon, 19th December 2022
Time: 10.30am - 2.30pm

Workshop's objective is to boost your kids confidence and encourage them to feel comfortable with baking.

In this class hands on class, they will learn:
1. Demo on how to mix the pocky dough from scratch by the instructor
2. Each student would be given dough to handle
3. Learn how to shape the pocky sticks and bake (size approx 5.5" in length)
4. Learn how to melt chocolate and mix colours
5. Learn how to decorate pocky sticks

Students will bring home a set of homemade pocky sticks (approx 12), box, recipe card and a set of new skills! So easy that they could bake from home!

All ingredients, tools, packaging & light lunch will be provided.

This is a non refundable event. You may send a replacement student if you are not able to attend




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