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Chocolate Truffle Class

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Chocolate Truffle Class

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8 Feb sat

A way to anyone's heart is with a box of chocolates! Join Sarita as she teaches you to recreate some yummy goodies:

1) Dark chocolate Rose truffle with raspberry filling
2) Earl grey milk chocolate truffle with milk chocolate shell
3) Mocha truffle dusted in cocoa powder

You'll learn:
1) Make chocolate ganache using dark, milk and white chocolate
2) Rolling of truffles (with and without filling)
3) Dipping of chocolate shells (using compound chocolate and couverture chocolate)
4) Dusting the truffles with powdered coating
5) Chocolate tempering technique in bowl (Demo)
6) Explanation of difference between types of chocolate used (compound and couverture) as well as chocolate tempering technique

Best of all you get to take home a box of your own creation (box is provided).

Fee RM380 only (click on tickets to sign up). Registrations close 3 days before class date. No refund/exchange. Substitute can be sent.


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