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Cherry Wagashi

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Cherry Wagashi

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Cherry Wagashi Class, a creation ONLY by Amai Kitchen

Date 9 July Saturday
Time 10am-2pm
Fee RM320

After a lot of effort and time spent developing and improving the recipe through multiple trials and errors… Amai Kitchen is ready to share their secret with you on how to make their signature Cherry wagashi!

It’s hands-on class, creating the realistic looking Cherry from scratch. Perfect for beginner with zero experience!

You'll learn how to cook wagashi filling & dough (demo). Students will mould & assemble 3 pairs of cherry ?

Bring home…
- A box of 6 pairs cherry wagashi to indulge with your love ones and of course… the secret recipe!
(Vegan friendly)

Materials and tools will be provided during the session. Limited seats available in each session. Light snack will be provided (halal)

This is a non refundable event, unless cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Substitute may be sent if you can't attend.


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