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Custom Life Alignment Session


Custom Life Alignment Session


Come and connect to the truth inside of you, and receive the insight, perspective, shifts in energy, and alignment that are most relevant to your present life and the bigger picture of your journey.

Through the Life Alignment modality & the use of kinesiology/dowsing, I will tune into your body’s intelligence through a system of bio-feedback, & identify blockages at a physical/mental/emotional level. During the session, the story relating to the root cause or issue will be identified from the cellular memory of the body allowing you to clear unconscious blocks that you are now ready to shift and then works with energy centres in your body to recreate balance.

The modality is designed in a clear step by step process. This ensures that we can address the issue at hand in a structured way.

You may experience an intense adjustment or simply a restorative effect .

The session can take up to 1 hour & 30 minutes

Once you make the booking, I will contact you to set up a time and date.

This is only done face to face on Whatsapp video, Skype or Google Meet. Please find a safe comfortable space where you feel like you can really go deep without being disturbed, and allow for time afterwards to relax and integrate.

Please also make sure that you have plenty of water on hand during the balance, and some tissues.

Life Alignment usually asks that you bravely go into your emotions and really feel them.