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3d Cartoon Steamed Buns Hands On Workshop

Temporarily Out of Stock

3d Cartoon Steamed Buns Hands On Workshop

Temporarily Out of Stock

3d Cartoon steamed buns hands on workshop in collaboration with mantoulicious. Don't miss! Register now 0122951038

Date: 31/3/18
Time: 10- 3 pm
Venue: Jaya one PJ
Instructor : Sharon ( Xue Ren)
Fee: RM399
( light refreshment and drink included)

Class Details: you will learn
- Basic dough preparation
- Hands kneading method
- How to color the dough with natural food coloring
- How to create a super cute character buns with the unique modeling techniques - Multiple way to judge the completion of fermentation and the right steaming time
- Perfect steaming method
- free 1 tool and 1 colour powder
( while stock last)

All materials and ingredients will be provided. Student will bring home 1x fortune cat and 1x cartoon peach design buns you have worked on.

Note :
Make full payment to secure your seat and whatsapp to 0122951038 upon registration. Fee is not refundable (no replace class or postpone or fee transfer to other class) . Unless the class is cancelled, 100% fee will be refund. Thanks!


• 如何做出表面光滑的造型饅頭
• 如何拿捏麵糰,配色及上色技巧
• 如何掌握造型技巧,製造出標準可愛的造型饅頭
• 如何掌握發酵的黃金時間和判斷饅頭發酵完全
• 如何蒸出漂亮完美的造型饅頭

• 學生請自備17 x 17 cm的盒子把各自成品帶回家
• 因為需要手工搓揉動作,穿著輕便和帶手巾擦汗

• 一套造型雕刻工具
• 一組天然色素
• 可愛造型饅頭各一個


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