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6/10 Sourdough Naturally Leavened Brioche Workshop

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6/10 Sourdough Naturally Leavened Brioche Workshop

Temporarily Out of Stock

Sourdough hands on workshop in collaboration with Passionate Cakes by LMK. Don't miss.! Whatsapp to register via

Date : 6 /10/19 ( Sun)
Time: 10 - 6pm or till finish
Venue: Jaya One PJ
Instructor : Liew Man Kwan
Fee: Rm480 early bird promotion included lunch (original fee is Rm550)

Naturally Leavened Brioche Series
Brioche is considered a Viennoiserie. Though it is made the same basic way as bread, however they are richer because of the extra addition of sugar, eggs, butter, milk, water, cream and at times, even liqueur is added to enhance certain varieties.

Brioche is often prepared with fruit or chocolate chips and served on its own, or as the basis of a dessert with many local variations in added ingredients, fillings or toppings.

Learning outcome:
In this series, we will be covering the making of stiff sourdough starter and the preparation
of a few variations of the Sourdough Brioche where there will be:
- Brioche- A-Tete
- Chocolate Babka
- Cinnamon Buns, and
- Brioche Burger Buns.

On top of this, students will also be taught how to make burger patties from scratch and
assembling a Gourmet Burger.

At the end of the workshop, students will be going home proud with their own final result.

Note :
Make full payment to secure your seat and whatsapp to 0122951038 upon registration. Fee is not refundable (no replace class or postpone or fee transfer to other class) . Unless the class is cancelled, 100% fee will be refund. Thanks!

T&C :
All designs that are taught in workshop is remained as the intellectual property of EdibleartbyJanice & Instructor. You are encouraged to use the techniques that are taught to create your own designs. Its not a license to copy and use the design and recipes  for reteaching purposes. Video or filming is not allowed during class. You may take photos however donot publish any steps by steps photo on any social media like Facebook etc. Thanks for your kind cooperation.



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