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1 Dec_Roly-Poly Pusheen (Xmas Edition)

Temporarily Out of Stock

1 Dec_Roly-Poly Pusheen (Xmas Edition)

Temporarily Out of Stock


Date: 1 Dec 18 ( Sat)
Time: 10 - 6pm
Venue: Jaya One PJ
Instructor : Man Kwan @passionatecakes.my
Fees: RM650 if signed up b4 End Nov ( original fee is rm800)

Pusheen is all ready for Christmas! Twinkly, bubbly and roly-poly, what's not to love? Pusheen's story is the daily life of a tabby cat who loves to snack, dress up and does it all with a little bop! This cake is sure to be a cute lil' addition for the merry holiday to Pusheen fans in your life.

Learning outcomes:
- Learn to construct and achieve a stable mechanical equilibrium in a cake
- Carve, crumb coat & cover with fondant a 3D roly-poly cake whilst maintaining its state of equilibrium
- Fondant overlays & detailing techniques
- Fixing Christmas twinkle lights around Pusheen cat (Yeah, it's gonna be lit!)

All materials and ingredients will be provided in class. Each student will bring back this 8"tall Pusheen cake boxed up.


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