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29/6 Red Wine Longan Walnut Wild Yeast Boule & Pizza Workshop

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29/6 Red Wine Longan Walnut Wild Yeast Boule & Pizza Workshop

Temporarily Out of Stock

Sourdough hands on workshop in collaboration with Passionate Cakes by LMK. Don't miss.! Whatsapp to register via

Date : 29 /6/19 ( Sat )
Time: 10 - 5pm or till finish
Venue: Jaya One PJ
Instructor : Liew Man Kwan
Fee: Rm480

Red Wine Longan Walnut Wild Yeast Boule ( 台式紅酒桂圓合桃軟歐包)

“Longan” if translated directly from the word is literally means “ Dragon Eye”. It is a small
fruit that grows in clusters that is quite similar to their cousins Lychee. They are juicy and
usually air dried or smoked dried. Dried longans are used in many Chinese cuisines
especially in dessert soups or savoury soup. It's calming and warming properties promotes
blood circulation especially in women due to the iron content.
In this Red Wine Longan Walnut Sourdough Boule, the dried longans are rehydrated and
marinated in Red Wine. In addition to that rustic taste a combination of chopped walnuts
plus the long and careful fermentation of the sourdough will enhance the flavour profile of
this boule. This boule has softer and thinner crust which is more acceptable to the Asians’
palate than the European Crusty Country style loaf. Therefore some of the Taiwanese
named them “ 軟歐包"
So come and learn the secret of how it is made.

Wild and Rustic Gourmet Sourdough Pizza
Ever wanted to impress and serve your loved ones with the rustic crusty gourmet pizza like
those served in fine dining restaurant? Now you can and you will!
Introducing the tricks from fermentation to shaping that rustic puffy crust you wanted and
above all that, we will be adding delicious toppings and discussing about the endless
possibilities of toppings that you could imagine! Come along and join this fun workshop!

Learning outcome for the above recipes :
- Students will get hands on experience from fermentation of sourdough to shaping the
- Detail explanations of how to build the profile of two different doughs recipes.
- How to care for the wild yeast/ sourdough starter.
- Students will also bring home a sourdough starter to continue their wild yeast
- Each students will bring home their final baked products.

Note :
Make full payment to secure your seat and whatsapp to 0122951038 upon registration. Fee is not refundable (no replace class or postpone or fee transfer to other class) . Unless the class is cancelled, 100% fee will be refund. Thanks!

T&C :
All designs that are taught in workshop is remained as the intellectual property of EdibleartbyJanice & Instructor. You are encouraged to use the techniques that are taught to create your own designs. Its not a license to copy and use the design and recipes  for reteaching purposes. Video or filming is not allowed during class. You may take photos however donot publish any steps by steps photo on any social media like Facebook etc. Thanks for your kind cooperation.



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