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19/5 Mangolicious Mille Crepe Cake Workshop


19/5 Mangolicious Mille Crepe Cake Workshop


Mangolicious mille crepe cake
Date : 19 /5/19 (Sun)
Time : 10 - 6pm or till finish
Venue : Jaya One PJ
Instructor : Tong Jacqueline

You will learn:
- Mille crepe recipe and method
- How to cook and achieve thin layer
- filling woth fresh fruits and cream
- How to arrange every pc of crepe layer by layer
- chocolate deco on the side
- techniques to mak ethe flower desigb with mango fresh
- 2 cake recipes

All materials and ingredients will be provided in class. Each student will take home their cake in box. ( lunch included)

芒果季节即将要来临, 怎么能少了这款众人都垂涎三尺的芒果花千层蛋糕!

1 教导如何调配香浓的千层皮糊。
2 掌握如何利用技巧烹煎柔软香滑薄薄的千层皮。
3 千层皮内馅不腻的制作。
4 教导如何排放平衡的芒果片和千层皮。
5 巧克力装饰的制作。
6 教导如何排放浓密美美的芒果花。
7 学员可带回亲自制作, 七寸的芒果花千层蛋糕。(重量超过1.5kg)

Note :
Make full payment to secure your seat and whatsapp to 0122951038 upon registration. Fee is not refundable (no replace class or postpone or fee transfer to other class) . Unless the class is cancelled, 100% fee will be refund. Thanks!




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