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Sourdough Bread Class (Basic): Focaccia

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Sourdough Bread Class (Basic): Focaccia

Temporarily Out of Stock

Looking to bake an easy fuss-free sourdough bread without fancy equipment and tools? Sourdough focaccia is the answer to simple sourdough breadmaking in a busy world.

In this class, Chef CY Phang will guide you step-by-step how to bake a delicious sourdough focaccia from scratch, without using commercial yeasts. Focaccia is great to pair with any dips or stews, or simply eaten on its own, and you can put any toppings you like before baking! Sourdough breads are easier to digest and more gut friendly than breads made with commercial yeasts, due to the unique microflora colonies that exist in the sourdough starter to bake the bread.

This is a basic class and suitable for busy people who like sourdough breads but do not have time for lengthy procedures, or anyone who want to bake healthier breads. We will show you how you can fit sourdough breadmaking into your busy work schedule or lifestyle. After-class support will be provided by the instructor to provide guidance and assistance in your sourdough breadmaking journey.

This is a demo & hands-on workshop for people who have no prior experience in sourdough breadmaking and are interested to make healthier breads using natural fermentation method, organic flours/ingredients and homegrown herbs.

Date: September 6 , 2020 (Sunday), 3 to 8 pm
Venue: Garden to Table PJ, Section 14, PJ
Workshop fee: RM250/person (including Mediterranean themed dinner, notes, recipes, a pot of homegrown herb and a starter kit, so that you can start baking your own sourdough focaccia right away)
Instructor: Chef CY Phang (Recipe consultant, chef, baker, food stylist, founder of Garden to Table)
Limited to 5 persons only

The class will also cover areas and issues related to sourdough bread making, such as:
*basic principles of sourdough breadmaking
*how to maintain your own sourdough starter to make focaccia (which we use in place of commercial yeast)
*mixing sourdough focaccia dough with a mixer
*demo for hand mixing
*baking sourdough focaccia in the oven

Please PM us on our Facebook page or Instagram, whatsapp 012-9369738 or call 03-79325369 for any enquiries or to register.

Refund policy:
Less than 7 days notice: No refund (you can have a replacement to attend on your behalf)
More than 14 days notice: Full refund.
10% administrative fee charged for every refund.

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