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Traditional Chocolate Cotton Cake Workshop (08 APR)


Traditional Chocolate Cotton Cake Workshop (08 APR)


This baking lesson is fully hands-on from the beginning to the end. Each student will make one recipe in class and bring home a 7 inch traditional chocolate cotton cake.

08 April 2019 (Monday)


👨‍👩‍👧‍👧Class Size:
6 students

✔️Beat meringue to the right stage to achieve cotton-like texture cake
✔️Fold the egg white and egg yolk batter evenly and know when to stop to prevent batter from deflating
✔️Learn water bath baking technique for a softer cake
✔️Learn to bake at right temperature and duration
✔️Learn to unmould your cake

My Baking Studio,
Lot No. 1, First Floor,
Bornion Commercial Centre, Jalan Kolam, 88300, KK.

1. Fee is not refundable unless class is cancelled.
2. Fee is transferable to another person to attend the class.
3. Remember to provide full name and contact number upon check out.
4. Everything will be prepared for the class.
5. Photos will be taken throughout the classes for promotional purpose. Should you not wish your photos to be published on the social media, please inform the instructor.




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