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Pandan Old School Buttercream Cake

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Pandan Old School Buttercream Cake

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Old school buttercream cakes are a walk down the memory lane. The cakes are soft and fluffy, frosted with buttercream and decorated with colorful piping jelly. No one can say no to these cakes.
(made with 100% fresh pandan juice)

This baking lesson is semi hands-on learning experience. Each student will make one old school buttercream cake in class and cut into 8pcs cake to bring home.

19 March 2019 (Tuesday)


👨‍👩‍👧‍👧Class Size:
4 students

✔️Fresh Pandan cotton cake
(individual | hands-on)
✔️Old school butter icing
(group | semi hands-on)
✔️Fun drawing and decorating with piping jelly and butter icing
(individual | hands-on)

My Baking Studio,
Lot No. 1, First Floor,
Bornion Commercial Centre, Jalan Kolam, 88300, KK

1. Fee is not refundable unless class is cancelled.
2. Fee is transferable to another person to attend the class.
3. Remember to provide full name and contact number upon check out.
4. Everything will be prepared for the class.
5. Photos will be taken throughout the classes for promotional purpose. Should you not wish your photos to be published on the social media, please inform the instructor.


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