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14th Dec - Mycookiestory Workshops - The Christmas Edition

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14th Dec - Mycookiestory Workshops - The Christmas Edition

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Christmas Cookie workshop with MYCOOKIESTORY

Beginners class

Date : 14th December , 2019
Time : 10am - 5pm
Venue : Mycookiestory Studio

It is the best time of year and we're going to teach you how to make Mycookiestory signature Christmas Cookies, especially our yearly best seller's Gingerboy! We can't wait to share with you how to make super fun and cute looking cookies and super yummy cookies in this fun holiday celebration!

Workshop Information:

- Suitable for beginners with no baking & cookies decorating background. Step by steps guidance to all participants.

- NEW Chocolate cookies recipe will be shared in this class! It is so aromatic and yummy, our own bakers cannot resist!

- This class emphasises on helping participants to get the basics right: Learn how to bake the perfect cookie & identify the key consistency of royal icing.

- This is a make and bake from scratch class. A complete hands-on workshop so you can learn to decorate like a pro!

- Decorating techniques you will learn in this class: Basic outlining, Flooding the perfect base, Learn how to let dry cookies that shine perfectly, Painting with food luster, Piping techniques , Modifying cookie shape, Enhance food art presentation with edible wafer paper and fondant, etc

- Overall objective of this class aim to provide a comprehensive understanding and experience to participants in creating simple yet irresistibly cute looking design cookies. Techniques introduced in this session are useful and versatile; they can be applied to many different themes and styles.

CHRISTMAS CLASS BONUS : Students will receive FREE set of 4 pcs Christmas cookie cutters made exclusively by Mycookiestory x Dreamcuts worth RM100!

- All decorating tools and material, lunch and refreshments are included in this course fees.

Terms & Conditions:

1) Fees are non-refundable. Representative of attendance is allowed. Should class be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, a full refund will be issued.

2) Class will start on time, please arrive 10mins earlier to prepare yourselves.

We would love to make this a memorable event for you so stay back for group photo at the end of the workshop. A Certificate of participation will be awarded upon completion of the workshop.


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