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Soma-Vita™ Harmony Card will IMPRESS you like your BEST look in the mirror!!! It will blow your mind away!!!

Let us share our testings... You never believe it is possible to do this just with one small card 😍

1. Test solution - Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar - oral intake of raw form burns our throat BUT after vitalized & energized with our HARMONY card, the taste is amazingly smooth and easy to swallow!! Even the sourness you want, still remains in the drink!

2. Test solution - Tap water - oral intake of tap water gives taste of pipe and chlorine taste BUT after energized & vitalized with our HARMONY card, the tap water tastes like pure spring water and very smooth to the throat!

3. Test subject - A person with flu and unable to sleep whole night - placing of the HARMONY card under the pillow helped her to sleep the whole night through!

4. Test solution - blended chilli padi - oral intake of the blended chilli gives taste of spiciness and sharp BUT after energized & vitalized, the chilli tastes less spicy, very smooth and surprisingly fruity.

5. Test solution - light soy sauce - oral intake of light soy sauce gives sharp salty taste BUT after vitalized & energized with our HARMONY card, the light soy sauce taste smooth, less salty and easier to swallow even without any other food items with it.

Soma-Vita™ Harmony Card vitalizes and energizes your body, food, drinks, pets and plants.

LOVE yourself! BUY this Soma-Vita™ Harmony Card NOW, to protect yourself from strong aggressive underground earth stress frequencies and other aggressive frequencies!


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