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Intuitive Art Jam


Intuitive Art Jam


Be Free and Paint Intuitively!

In this non classroom and non technical style painting session, you will learn how to embrace your inner artist and develop the courage to paint expressively and have fun with the brush on canvas! You can choose from:

1. Intuitive Painting:
You will be guided of course, with the help of the facilitator and a deck of mystery artist prompt cards- let the universe decide what you will be painting!

2. Whimsical Portrait
Imperfection is perfection! An expressive and artistic way of embracing who we are or a loved one. You will not be painting perfect portraits but instead a creative, colourful and surrealism one. You can paint a self portrait, pair up to paint each other or bring a photo to paint your loved one.

*Great for private sessions for single/pairs/small group of 6!

Duration: 2 - 3 hours, no experience needed.
Date & time: Open for booking by appointment, unless stated otherwise. (Subject to instructor's availability)





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