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Intuitive Art Journaling Workshop


Intuitive Art Journaling Workshop


Time & Date/Day: By appointment
Duration: 3 hours

What is Intuitive Art Journaling Workshop by @shialynnvictor

👉A creative session designed to help individuals
• Expand & access your creative abilities.

• Experiment with various types of art tools & supplies.

• Explore mark making, meditative art & texture with guided freedom.

The Myth: You have to be an artist to make art. In Shia Lynn’s intuitive art class, you DON’T need to be an artist to enjoy making art! You will learn to use Mark Making, a form of creative play and art exploration. You see, we tend to have programmed ourselves to focus on the outcome rather than the process in many aspects. But in this session, you will develop a whole new perspective for the art process because we will be focusing on self-care in the form of play and exploration. At the end of the class, you will learn that art making is accessible, therapeutic and non-tedious.




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