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天然酵母 & 水果酒 工作坊

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天然酵母 & 水果酒 工作坊

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Date :  01/12/2019
Time: 10am - 12pm
Venue: Zest Patisserie , Cheras
Instructor: Homebrewed Bornean Tuak
Fees : RM 250




I. 婆罗洲酒介绍



Fruit Wine Workshop

Requirement: Anyone who are 18 or above and interested.

Other than dried fruits, jam, enzymes beverage, etc, fruits can also be made into tuak. Evan
Anak Borneo, an independent music producer and tuak maker, will share the story and
methods of tuak making from natives of Sarawak.

>The characteristics and culture of tuak of Sarawak.
> Fruit wine DIY

Tuak Introduction
>The meaning behind Tuak
>Introduction to wine making equipment
>The culture and taboo of tuak making
>wine tasting

II. Fruit wine DIY
> Natural yeast making
>fruit wine making guide
>Storage tips
>Everyone can bring back their wine
>Q&A session

>The workshop will prepare each participant with the necessary equipment for wine making,
- Fermentation container
- Natural yeast
- Fruit for wine making
- a glass of tuak sample
> Wine is a handmade product, and each finished product will have its own flavor.
> Participants are asked to bring their own notebooks to write down tips and important notes.

Terms & Conditions

🍰 fees are non-refundable and non-transferable for last minute cancellation.Course fees will be fully forfeited if students do not attend the class as scheduled, no rescheduling and replacement will be arranged.

🍰 class will only be cancelled when minimum number of students not met or instructor's
emergency leave. Full refund will be made.

🍰class will start on time, please arrive earlier to prepare yourselves.

🍰 no recipe will be given if you fail to attend the class.

🍰Students are compulsory to take group photo at the end of the workshop.

🍰If parents are attending class, children are allowed. They have to stay at the cafe area with own helper to take care of them.
The studio will not be responsible for any injuries caused in the cafe area. Parents have to ensure their children's behavior before deciding to leave them here. This is to avoid any inteference to other customers and workshop students.

🍰Videos and pictures taken during classes are only to be used for personal posting and not for advertising and teaching purpose.

🍰Videos and pictures will be taken during the class by our photographer or staff for advertising purpose.

Zest Patisserie
A-1-3, Medan Connaught centre point, Jalan 3/144a, 56000 cheras Kuala Lumpur


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