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Snow Skin Mooncake Workshop

Salted Egg Yolk Custard Sakura Snow Skin Mooncake

🗓️ Date & 📌 Venue:
11/9, 12/9, 13/9
@Zest Patisserie

⏱️ Time:
10am - 1pm

💰Fee :


🌸如何制作樱花冰皮( How to prepare sakura snowskin)

🌸如何制作咸蛋奶黄馅料( How to cook salted egg yolk custard )

🌸模具使用和注意事项( How to make mooncake with mould)

初学者也欢迎报名一起学习哦。Beginner are welcome to join our workshop.

To secure your seat with full payment of course fees, fees is not returnable unless the class is cancel,100% fees will be return

Terms & Conditions
🍰 fees are non-refundable and non-transferable for last minutes cancellation.
🍰 class will only be cancelled when minimum number of students not met or instructor's
emergency leave. Full refund will be made.
🍰 class will start on time, please arrive earlier to prepare yourselves.
🍰 no recipe will be given if you fail to attend the class.


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